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Sat, Aug 13, 2011

Last night we had the opportunity to speak with our Lester Acosta (our host) about the events of the week. I wanted to get his sense of how the events had unfolded and whether we had accomplished what had been asked of us.

In regards to the University Students Conference, Lester told me that spiritually he felt that the meetings were a success. From what the youth were saying, the messages obviously had an impact on their lives. He told me that he would think of a particular subject and I would preach on it. He wanted to speak personally to the youth after the final session but told me that I spoke what he wanted to say. I am thankful for the way the Lord brought this unity of mind and focus.

The one negative side, apart from the sickness of all three speakers, was the attendance. The location for the event had to be changed because the church originally scheduled to host the meetings had to cancel. Second Baptist in Las Tunas was farther away and likely many couldn't make the trip.

In regards to the Christian Workers conferences, Lester told me that those who attended shared with him that they were encouraged.

Lester told me that while the week was a very intense week the Lord gave "good results"

I am thankful for all who have prayed and made this time in Cuba a success. God has encouraged His people. He brought unity among the speakers and strength despite prolonged sickness. I return to Canada today with a body that is weak and sick but a soul that is encouraged at what God can do despite our weakness.

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